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May. 17th, 2006


Awesome 80s New Wave Music Video

Found GEM in youtube! Crazy New Wave Music Video, MUST WATCH!
Love Missile F1-11 by Sigue Sigue Sputnik

About Sigue Sigue Sputnik:
Led by former Generation X member Tony James, the new wave group Sigue Sigue Sputnik raised selling out to an art form. The concept behind Sigue Sigue Sputnik was simple: the band adopted a postmodern, ironic style and sound, and marketed it to the hilt, saturating the media with slogans and interviews. More here

These guys sold commericials between songs on their album... XD

Apr. 10th, 2006


BT Pakuri

Damn YouTube is such an awesomely dangerous video resource
(at least I have "researching for inspiration" excuse for my work)

Buck-Tick's "Physical Neuroses" vs.Bauhaus's "Telegram Sam", the similarities are pretty obvious. :D

Jan. 17th, 2006


Happy Birthday Françoise!

Today is ever beautiful Françoise Hardy's 62th birthday and I uploaded a song for Filles Sourires so not to let it wasted:

To the End (La Comedie) by Blur & Françoise Hardy.

I think most people know the English version by Blur that featured Laetitia (Stereolab). This French version feature Françoise Hardy more as a front and Blur as background. Lyrics are mainly in French, with accordians flowering all over. It was released as a single in France only I think. I've been hunting this one down forever, at last found it in an iTune of a co-worker. ;D The sound quality isn't so good unfortunately. I love this song so much, so the hunt is still ongoing at every used shop to find the actual single.

Still at Manhattan, still freezing...

Nov. 28th, 2005


Eternal boy who's already in his mid-30s...

From Ongaku to Hito editor's blog he mentioned about the cover interview with J. J talked about his BT tribute album song Iconoclasm and the editor praised it's really good. J insisted "Let Imai-san knows now, tell him tell him!!!" But when they tried to call Imai on the phone, J got chicken out "eh, so embarrassing~~" The editor called him "a eternal boy who's already in his mid-30s..." ^^;;;;;

Nov. 16th, 2005




add: random Acchan interivew mp3 (with 13kai album as BGM)

Nov. 4th, 2005


rumors here and there

J went to see the Lucy live on 29th (with Kiyoharu)
While Ani and Acchan went on the 30th.

On his own radio program, Kiyoharu said Imai gave him a lighter (?) and said he is very yasashi~ (and somehow Sakurai's name was mentioned but the person who report it didn't pay attention).

Also Kiyoharu's fan club press mention about Lucy.
Kiyoharu said when he went to see BT live (13kai), he sat next to Kiyoshi. While chatting, Kiyoshi mention about playing a live together sometimes, Kiyoharu said "sure!" He said Kiyoshi support him numerous times and Okazaki played drums in his last album, and Imai is BT (meaning...? ^^;;), so playing with Lucy is no problem.

Hisashi (rally)'s version of "Aku no Hana" will on-air next week on his own radio show...

Also there're some rumors about a Jan release BT DVD

Also there're rumors about Lucy started recording in November, and Kiyoshi mention about "see you next year".

Oct. 31st, 2005


Bauhaus @ Wiltern LG, Los Angeles

As if a special treat for us LA fans, the Bauhaus's reunion tour played at Wiltern over this Halloween weekend. Let's just say, they were jaw-droppingly astonishing and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to in my life.

Read more...Collapse )

Oct. 25th, 2005


BT Tribute Album

This list is out, seems like a mixture of half mainstream, half indie/hardcore, plus elders Masami Tsuchiya and Endo Michirou

abingdon boys school
遠藤ミチロウ (Endo Michirou, the STALIN)
清春 (Kiyoharu)
土屋昌巳(Masami Tsuchiya)
RUNAWAY BOYS (Kyo + Nackie)

On the Mainstream news:
TMR is *of course* on the headline =,=, article was saying how *TMR has strongest bond with BT* because OMG they used to be belong to the same management company and god how he interview them when he host POP JAM...WTF?!?!

Oh yeah it also said:
Hisashi will do "Aku no Hana" (=,=;;;)
Kiyoharu will do "Just One More Kiss" (o,O)

Oct. 24th, 2005


Gang of Four @ Avalon Hollywood

Gang of Four was playing at Hollywood last Friday. Avalon is a great place for livehouse concert. Have to admit I was a bit shock by the balding, greying hair crowd. ^^;; It is different to see mass of them in a stadium live from a livehouse. Especially right after the first two opening acts (Men, Women and Children - a group of 16 years old looking british kids and Morningwood - female lead rock n' roll band), all the scattering 20-something crowd suddenly get swarmed up by the 40s-50s core fans. I resided on the side line (but a golden spot) with the younger crowd but soon a beefy old guy kept pushing back and elbow me all night, argh!

When the band comes on with "To Hell with Poverty", I heard murmurs from the ojisans "my god they got so fat". ^^;;; But really the gangs have incredible energy. The vocal jump and dance around all night, but his voice was coarse and harsh, not as solid as in the new recordings. The drums and guitars are way louder and heavier and not as biting as their magnificent old days. But at least the performance doesn't have the 'stiffness' and 'overpolishnes' as the new album does. They went 'rage against the machine' when the vocal beat the crap out of a microwave with a baseball bat during "He’d Send in the Army". "Not Great Men" felt a bit stale. The highlight performance for me were "At Home He’s a Tourist" and "What We All Want", they were really really awesome.

During the 2nd encore, the two opening bands came out and perforrmed "I Love a Man in a Uniform" together. It was then it struck me, my god they looked like granddaddies jamming with their grandchildren. ^^;;

So why the reunion? I would think in the wake of the recent post punk revival boom, they must be thinking why let the kids have all the fun...

I'm going to see Bauhaus this weekend @ Wiltern Theater (like Go4 they also reunited at this year's Coachella and now doing reunion tour). I wonder how it'd be like.

Oct. 10th, 2005


This is just devastating!!!

Wallace & Gromit's animation film sets and storage was completely wiped out in a big fire last night. "Our history has disappeared in a couple of hours". Gosh I feel like crying~~~ T___T All those sets and creations...all gone...

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